captains log 0103

so, sarah has started shipping fox prints, they'll be shipping into this next week. calendar wise, it looks like i'll have them by friday, which means they'll ship the week after christmas, apologies. if that changes your order status please let us know.

if you're hoping to give your purchased items as a gift, i've made 3 pretty simple certificates you can print out and give in lieu of the actual print. a placeholder, if you will. just don't give it to someone if you actually didn't purchase the said items, they'll be let down. or do, up to you, i can't control you, maybe you have an unusual family dynamic.

let me know if these print poorly, i tried to make them a reasonable size, but not like, full page size.

- fantastic mr fox certificate
- 2017 lunar calendar certificate
- stickerpack certificate

thanks again.-tyler.