captains log 0063

calendars shipping - finally, i know. let us know if you don't start seeing shipping notices in your email.

til then
- how to make your type from the future
- dawwww...vincent van gogh, saved by the doctor
- sunset cruise or haunted keys. both good.
- saw this new (to me) design for travoltas' film blow out. i never cared for the old one, all those years working at video stores and it just looked cheap. well done, new design.
- spirited away tattoo i decided to get....i have a girlish figure, i know. i really need a haircut, sheesh. for serious though, bit of a trip seeing this (because of this)

also, updated music / film / artprints / illustration and handbill galleries. let me know if you see any glaring errors. i'm sure i messed up the sizes and names of a lot of pieces, i can't remember that stuff. i'm old, soon i will be dead.