captains log 0079: thursday sticker sale

update edit: so a email is about to go out, you can read all about it here - with info on how to purchase. thanks!

hopefully my three options didn't confuse anyone, i had a letterpress / stickerset combo, a stickersheet /stickerset combo, and a preorder. hopefully no one ordered one thinking it was the other. also, if you ordered the stickersheet and letterpress combos separately and would like to combine the shipping, drop us an email. i assume these will ship together regardless. but we can't combine shipping with preorders due to those shipping at a later date than the stickersets. also, never too late to cancel an order, if you feel like you were too hasty. just drop us an email.

just a brief heads up, i had mentioned 'early this week' i'd have a sticker sale, and my plans for mice men went awry, so the sale will be tomozz, thursday.

its not a big sale, i can't imagine people are losing sleep over stickers, but the breakdown is 1 set will have stickers an a little letterpress piece, one set will have stickers and a nifty little stickersheet, and one set will be 'open edition' of stickers i have yet to make, just in case people miss out on the other two sets. alas, i have no pros and cons handbills (series 4 did not print the way i had hoped, apologies). so, thats the update. expect email tomorrow, ye email-listers. sorry for me leaving anyone hanging, if you were waiting for this.