captains log 0080

sticker sale is wrapped up,  thanks for all the orders, always appreciated, always makes me look good with the missus, keeps her from leaving me and taking the kids. next up...well a movie print if it ever gets approved, if not then a band print is coming up later this month, then a couple other things this summer. i think it'll be a fun one, fingers crossed.

til then, this is my weekend (sarah's gone and i'm in charge).
- spared no expense by the original stout.
- carpenter brut - seeing mr carpenter in concert wednesday, pdx.
- death in space

lastly, has gone offline (pretty much). i can't count the amount of hours i spent on that site, my entire career was shaped by GP. am i dreaming, is it really gone? it was always there. so, pour one out for a truly massive loss. GP is the reason i know rob jones, jon smith, jeff kleinsmith, jesse ledoux, jay ryan, dan grzeca....too too many to list. man. END OF AN ERA.

RIP - ye will be missed.