captains log 0105

goodbye 2016, hello 2017. hello to new little ones and goodbye to old friends. first off, thanks to those that sent in stickers, i am receiving them currently and it warms my heart. fantastic mr fox prints have gone out, if you don't have it or haven't received tracking, please let me know.  lunar calendars are going out this new week with some fun extras, as are sticker packs. i hope people keep expectations low on certain extras, for every egg shen, theres a nameless punk bill paxton, its just a fun random thing.

also, reminder that if you're interested in submitting a photo of a framed poster or print of mine, you can still do so, enter for a chance to win free prints. i'll keep you updated on that as i am updated. so far its been a pleasure seeing all the different ways people frame things, very cool, i'm flattered and humbled and life is amazing.

other than that, hopefully each one of you is doing well, enjoying life. congrats to tom and nando and jake and rene (among others) for their new additions, the future is looking pretty sweet. keep your heads up in 2017, one year closer to total global armageddon. dibs on bartertown. mazel tov!