captains log 0148

long time no update. i actually have a movie print making its way through the approval process, plus some smaller things printing, my goal is by years end to have two movie prints available, an artprint, some sticker stuff and handbill stuff, and a lunar calendar. not all at the same time, but spaced between now and then. so stay tuned if you’re on my mailing list.

til then, heres some links that caught my eye. my buddy tom sends me lots of links, so thanks to him for some of these.
- blade runner cuts / blade runner dos
- cameron on aliens
- trailers Border & Vice. man that vice one, thats how you cut a trailer.
- my buddy kyle posted a pretty neat process video. he’s the king of beer labels.
- some inspiring art: al parker / charlie allen
- longtime portlander will vinton has passed away. local legend.

thanks for all the kind words recently, always appreciated. our family lost our Uncle Chuck today, not suddenly but taken far too soon at 74. as i grow older, my role models start passing, and he was one of them - gave great advice, loved people, loved listening, loved fishing (he was famously a catch & release guy). served as a captain in vietnam, worked for Washington State’s Fish and Wildlife service almost his entire life, volunteered as a CASA worker. incredibly gifted with woodworking. our neighbor. just an amazing human being (or “wonderful” as he’d say). my kids love listening to this on repeat and today it struck me how much Life really is the greatest show, and he was part of our show. seeya on the other side, Chuck.