captains log 0149

well shoot, some posters have been approved, the printing business is under way. fun times. i got nothing exciting else to report.

unless you find random links exciting, then boy oh boy, you’re in for a treat.
- this came out. it ain’t kid friendly but man, it was great. there are a few songs the sandman sings that are so epic-ly great i wish they were on youtube. i laughed. i cried. i rewatched.
- this band came to pdx and was robbed, as is the traditional portland greeting. donate to their fundraiser to help em buy some new music stuff. get it together portland.
- crocodiles. wave of the future.
- jurassick beats, malcolm / burke’s fate / yet another great looking van gogh flick.
- awaken akira / akira
- a forest by the cure.