captains log 0151 - poster sale

updated edit: looks like the sale has ended, appreciate the orders, sorry i wasn’t given more prints to sell, with many properties i’m only allowed x amount to sell. i do appreciate all your interest. i’ll have another big print in less than a month, plus another few odds and ends that hopefully are a little less limited. thanks again for the kind words. sarah loves reading through all your emails.


so, i have some posters for sale. my Isle of Dogs print for Spoke Art Gallery, my Phish poster for their austin show, another artprint. They’ll be dropping here, not exactly all at once, but just close enough to spread em out, give em each their own moment in the sun.

we’re limiting people to one copy of each thing. so one isle of dogs print. one phish print. one artprint. you can buy a dogs print and a phish print for instance, but not a regular and variant isle of dogs print. if that makes sense.

as always, appreciate your support, email me at with questions.