captains log 0152

EDIT: so, on this artprint, the edtion is 114, which was kinda a reference to this. i mistakenly said the edition was 100, so if you purchased and that extra 14 is killing ya, let us know and we can get your money back. and actually since none of these have shipped, we can always refund all the way up til shipping, if you change your mind. also, i’ve had two emails from people recently that ordered way back in july whose posters never arrived, lost within the gears of the us postal service. if your order never arrived, please email us, we always want to know, no matter how long its been.

posters are packing up and shipping this week, so hopefully you receive shipping notice, let us know if you haven’t received one by december 3rd. thanks again for the emails and orders, hopefully new stuff on the horizon.

til then, some links that i thought were neat.
- wes anderson color palettes
- burger king ad. yep, makes sense.
- aliens comic versions, in order of readability. supposedly.
- enter the ninja. one of the better death scenes.
- this sums up my career in some ways. in a fun way? maybe.
- i hate this. and now you can too.