captains log 0157

well shoot, thanks for the purchases. i actually had a boatload (official measurement of the seafolk) of stickers, so it took awhile to sell em. so i am happy about the sales. the calendar is looking good as well, slap some glow inks on this baby and boom, got yerself a lunar calendar!
still another day to purchase, but it has probably run its course. and thats ok!

if you’re hoping to present these as gifts for christmas, here are two different certificates you can download and print. let me know if they don’t work. the idea behind the lunar calendar is kinda honoring nasa and the work they do. you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work there….but it helps. boom, tshirt idea.

in terms of pros and cons, i’ll let them fly to their new homes before revealing them, but there should be twelve (or is it 13???) of them, plus variants of each, so get your checklists ready. i had fun with them. each series typically has 6 characters, so this is Series VI and Series VII. hopefully they prove to be fun to mix and match.

ps saw spiderman into the spiderverse and man o man, possible best movie of the year for me.