captains log 0158

just a heads up that sticker packs are shipping, though calendars are finishing up printing so haven’t started going out yet. if you ordered 4 or 5 sticker packs (or more), those might ship in a few different packages. if you have any questions, feel free to a drop me a note. i will keep you updated as i get more info.

til then, listen to pizza guy on repeat.
- or read about charles harrison, goodbye charles and thanks for all the inventions.
- radical face. more like kinda radical, amiright?
- goodbye mean gene and superdave. entertained.
- cinema watches. almost makes me wish i could tell time.
- marvel posters explained! this is poster related and i’ll watch it someday to learn about posters.
- favorite band from college? Twin Sister. incredible live. simply incredible. still got the cd.