captains log 0154

edit#2: the counters have arrived at a consensus. we didn’t remove/disqualify any comments, just due to the nature of this being a pretty loose contest, i didn’t specify big rules. so going by each comment being a number, the four counters agreed on -

90: Emmanuel A / 173: Brett / 288: Jeremy Adams / 319: Arkadiusz Wisniewski - so if you’re one of these people, drop me an email. i’ll go through the comments and try to find you as well, but if you read this and want to make it easy, email me.

edit: so i have four people going through finding these numbers, i picked four just due to the amount of entries. i’m sure i can find four damaged prints. these four people aren’t aware of each other, so we should be able to get a impartial consensus. that’s the hope. all for damaged prints, i tell ya!

til then, enjoy this holiday season with some non-seasonal links.
- these faces, isn’t that something?
- the reason alien covenant dropped the ball, isn’t that something?
- ronald reagan, wasn’t he something?
- True Romance cut scene with Jack Black, that was something!
- this instagram teaser that people emailed me about, something!?

also, i have a person who has emailed me a few times looking for this print, let me know if you have it and are interested in selling, i’ll put you in touch. its such a specific print, done so long ago, i’d like to help him find it. anywho.