captains log 0153

so, shipping has completed, if you don’t have tracking on your orders, plus let us know.

thanks again for all your orders and for helping me look like a normal business person in front of sarah. she has her doubts, believe me.

hopefully next week we’ll have some smaller items for sale. will update as i know more.
til then -
- this greatest showman wasn’t the best movie of 2017, but i gotta say, amazing soundtrack. talk about chemistry.
- Y2K aesthetic. turns out, the decade that time forgot actually did have a style. not a good one, but still.
- crazy cool tom and jerry sculptures. interesting hellboy article about the mignola empire.

sad to hear one of brush prairie’s own - Army 1st Sgt. Eric M. Emond - lost his life serving, wanted to take a moment to give thanks to him and his family for his service. hard news to bear.