captains log 0167

tis the week of the emerald city con, so if you’re heading up there, i’ll see you there. maybe. i’ll be at spoke arts booth, details here. if you’re not sure if its me or not, i basically look like this. only shorter hair.

UPDATE: in terms of signing, i don’t expect a ton of people to be there, since you have to have an eccc ticket for friday and that will already limit a number of people. those that are actually bringing prints to sign, bring as many as you want. spoke art might limit people to two signatures at first, but just get back in line for more. i really don’t expect to be actually signing from 3:30-7, more like 3:30 til 3:45. once i sign all ten people’s prints, i’ll just be shooting the breeze with the spoke guys. all that to say, i’ll sign whatever, however many. though if too much time flies between people needing things signed, i’ll probably take off, instead of just sitting there. so don’t put it off til 6:50!

speaking of seattle, read this recently. 25 years ago. seems more recent. wild.