captains log 0166

march madness is upon us. if you’re still waiting on a poster, i believe one particular batch has been held up at some facility in the USPS, so we’re kinda waiting on that. hopefully this week they start arriving, pretty much the last of them.

in other news, friday, march 15th, i’ll be at ECCC, at spoke arts booth, signing from 3:30 to 7ish. or less time if no one shows up. i’ll have a new art print there, should be a good time. my buddy bruce will also have a signing, i believe saturday. if you’re in town bring any prints you’d like me to sign, i’ll sign whatever.

til then
- the worst planet on earth. directed by my friends Joe and Lloyd Stas, amazing work.
- saw free solo last night, enjoyed this movie climbing piece on alex honnold
- they live. or do they?
- star always wars. not to be confused with always.