captains log 0117

greetings. if you're in the portland area this saturday, and can navigate the hate crimes and protests, i'm part of a show at poboy art's gallery with marq spusta. its not a huge retrospective of my life's work, nor will i have some new masterpieces to unveil. its just going to be me, sitting there (probably standing), trying to hold my breath in for 2 or 3 hours to appear slimmer.  if you have anything you need signed, i will be happy to do so. also, if you are making the trek and are in search of something random that i've done in the past....drop me a note and i'll have sarah see if i have it and can bring it with. probably not movie posters, but like shirts / dvds / stickers / handbills.

edit: heres a pic of my pieces in the show.

juts a heads up, i'll probably be at the gallery from like 5ish to like 8ish? or less, if there's no a lot of people.

til then, let this calm you down -
- car seat headrest / fill in the blank
- wall of voodoo / mexican radio
- robert gordon / someday, somehow
- ink in motion
- Madame Tutli-Putli / short film
- rest in piece, sir roger moore