captains log 0126: stickerpacks

edit, so i had some stickerpacks, they sold out much quicker than i anticipated. anyone with buyers remorse, please drop me a note and we can get your money back to you. also, if you ordered in two different orders, let us know and we'll refund your second shipping.

just as a fyi, our shipping process isn't automated, so we don't know if someone placed two orders or one, its only something we see when we're shipping (and sometimes not even then, which is why you might get two orders in two different shipments). so if you placed two separate orders and paid shipping twice, we don't automatically refund the second shipping, you'll have to let us know. its not an attempt to make extra money on double shipping charges, its just how our shipping works. to be clear, this only affects people who purchased something, paid, then went back and ordered again, paid again.

til then, thanks for the orders, the support, all of that good stuff. always appreciated and hopefully i don't let you down.

captains log 0125

so, all orders have shipped and should have arrived. if you haven't gotten your order...or tracking...drop me an email at info at and we'll sort you out.

up next, stickerpacks, finally. and they're actually all packed up already, ready to ship, so these will be quick turnarounds compared to the last sale. fingers crossed. i'll send out an email, if you're on my mailing list you'll get the note. if you're not into stickers, no worries, but i'm pretty pleased with em. tuesday i believe. round noon, pdx time. plenty to go around.

til then, in these tumultuous times... better people than me have said it best
- ted leo / rappaport's testament
- bad religion / them and us
- pennywise / competition
- donnis iris - love is like a rock
- the dickies - give it back

captains log 0124

poster orders are finally shipping, apologies on the long delay. using a new shipping program called...Shipworks? hopefully it works out, makes things a bit easier on sarah, paypal's multiorder shipping leaves something to be desired.

other than that, nothing much going on, stickerpacks on the way, i'll send out an email beforehand. til then...
- qt movie connections
- some shorts: the privates / zerogon / broken
- death of stalin. communist humor.
- some music videos i just like watching every couple years. like panda bear. or this new one 'in cold blood' is pretty cool. or pearl jams oldie, i remember being amazed when it came out.
- baby driver, seen it twice and it holds up nicely.

captains log 0123

well shoot, august already. time flies. sooo, long story short, i had more orders than i expected of older prints in the last sale, and it made me feel....well it felt weird to send out just older prints by themselves. so i thought it'd be cool to get a new print printed to include with those orders, so that's been kinda the holdup. it finishes printing this week and hopefully its worth waiting for. if you'd prefer to just skip the free print stuff and get just what you ordered, drop me a note and we'll get that sent off. but if you can wait a bit longer, we'll be sending these out shortly. and then, the sticker pack sale. i can hear everybody chanting now, 'we hate stickers.' its too late, they're coming.

so, that's all the news thats fit to print, this is a family publication after all. PG-13, if you get my meaning. wink wink. and on that note....
- look at these elephants. ain't that nuts?
- type stuff. movie type stuff. these type of articles give the impression i'm a smart designer. smoke and mirrors, i assure you.
- speaking of trigger. seafret. delta heavy. the avalanches.
- 3d printing. what will they think of next? electric cars? deodorant?
- the foreigner. starring Sir Jack Chan. a return to form? no. but still? hmm.
- and lastly (and most importantly) - monkeys in film. so many lost opportunities.

captains log 0122 - poster sale

thanks again for the orders, always appreciated, humbled by all you kind hearted people out there.

if you're on my mailing list, expect another one in august (hopefully) regarding sticker packs. til then, these will start shipping. also, i might be the last person on earth to see this video, but it made me smile.
just a heads up that i have a poster sale going (read how to purchase here) - it includes a new series of artprints and the poster i did for ween @ red rocks.

i also dug up some older band prints / art prints that i realized i didn't need to hold onto so many copies of, so i put those up for sale as well, if you're on the lookout for any older prints that aren't movie related.

captains log 0121

heyo, i guess this week we'll have a poster sale, sadly no stickerpacks at the moment. but some art prints and ween posters and stuff like that. if you're on my mailing list you're get a note when the sale is, or i'll post it here. or i guess i can blow the dust off my twitter account and post it there as well. technology, does the work of ten men, and a boy.

til then, hope everyone has a good week.
- light people face.
- wanderers
- blades of glory, continues to be a modern classic
- what happened to monday. bit of a children of men vibe.
- mortal kombat, behind the scenes. get over here.
- no lie, i was in a kids choir back in the day, and we learned this song. and i still find myself singing it. brains are weird.

captains log 0120

EDIT: so...unforeseen printing weirdness happened with my stickers. they are not up to my level of nitpicky-ness, so i can't really sell em. some are good, some not good.  so...that means the sale will be pushed back, apologies. bummed, really bummed. will update those of you interested when i get this sorted out, apologies.

- the great alex toth
- the great elo
- the great drawing perspective trick
- saw I AM A HERO. it was pretty great.
- the great david fincher.
- the great edgar wright and tarantino
- the goon suit. fill it with grape soda and go to the movies. great.

saw baby driver and really enjoyed it, definitely went a few places i was not expecting, it was basically edgar wrights 'death proof.' basically.

captains log 0118

hey thanks to all that came out for the show, it seemed both small and fun-filled at the same time, moved at a brisk pace and felt like we got some stuff signed, so that's good. special thanks to those that made the long journeys from out of state and to other long-time friends who i was like 'what are you doing here?' it was heart-worming. i mean warming. plus years ago when we were dating sarah asked if i was going bald and i was like 'no i just have thin hair' and so far, the pact holds. SARAH.  so, yeah, thanks again, always a humbling experience to be among friends.

til next time
- highlander poster - effective use of black and white photocopy machine
- blacksmithing with barry pepper
- okja / yeah i'm interested
- john williams speech / award / thing
- tarantino type credits
- pretty moving article about foster care. man's a legend.
- apparently vans lets you upload your own graphic now for shoes. i'm testing the quality, but could be preeeeeeetty neat.

ps - i donated some prints to be sold for a fundraiser thing, but i don't have the link. if someone has it, lemme know.

captains log 0117

greetings. if you're in the portland area this saturday, and can navigate the hate crimes and protests, i'm part of a show at poboy art's gallery with marq spusta. its not a huge retrospective of my life's work, nor will i have some new masterpieces to unveil. its just going to be me, sitting there (probably standing), trying to hold my breath in for 2 or 3 hours to appear slimmer.  if you have anything you need signed, i will be happy to do so. also, if you are making the trek and are in search of something random that i've done in the past....drop me a note and i'll have sarah see if i have it and can bring it with. probably not movie posters, but like shirts / dvds / stickers / handbills.

edit: heres a pic of my pieces in the show.

juts a heads up, i'll probably be at the gallery from like 5ish to like 8ish? or less, if there's no a lot of people.

til then, let this calm you down -
- car seat headrest / fill in the blank
- wall of voodoo / mexican radio
- robert gordon / someday, somehow
- ink in motion
- Madame Tutli-Putli / short film
- rest in piece, sir roger moore

captains log 0116

nothing new really to report, some artprints and posters and whatnot on the horizon, plus some sticker packs, which i personally enjoy. so if you're on my mailing list, your email will ping when those are around.

also, if you haven't seen alien: faceburster, i enjoyed it. not quite the impact prometheus had on me, but still a fun time. and sets up a future universe that is dark and foreboding.

other links - too many, too many.
- james rheem davis sent me this shirt that he saw in his travels abroad, in venice. funny.
- also, neat to see this palmer patch sewn on, as well as this pros and cons frameup. interesting sidenote, i was watching In Like Flint and realized Palmer's jacket patch is a reference to that film, which i did not know. z for Z.O.W.I.E.
- also, eric houtman has been updating me over the years and has finally completed getting his thing handbills signed by everyone that's still out there signing, pretty awesome.

other than that, just some links i enjoyed -
- interesting bladerunner article on deckard / gaff. plus an article on the films type.
- some neat alien covenant stuff - behind the scenes / hbo first look
- jeff soto has a show up in austin, i meant to link this last week, typically late me.
- alien 3 script story, plus a star trek / daft punk mashup that really works.
- interview with me about my alien soundtrack packaging.

captains log 0115

it looks like the soundtrack i worked on for alien is coming out, you can preorder it on mondo's site for the next....lotta days, once it goes up for sale. i believe each soundtrack comes with a screenprinted handbill as well. i won't have any record copies for sale, though i might get some handbills down the road. anywho, up to you, should be a cool set, four records inside a nice little boxset thing.

plus, in honor of aliens, some alien related links.
- gigers alien doc, thanks for the heads up jp
- prometheus explained...or someones opinion
- prometheus engineers translation
- r.scotts storyboards.
- operation alien, twas not meant to be, cherie.

captains log 0114

so, prints are shipping in the next couple days, by early next week all orders will have gone out. we appreciate your patience.

til then, hope this april is treating you well. some pretty epic movie trailers coming out.
- speaking of baby driver, that radar love song is pretty rad.
- and thor-wise, some pretty nifty comic connections.
- plus another movie that flew under my radar. love.
- and many lives must it take?
- ol arnie. for awhile there, he was truly the destroyer.

captains log 0113: Captain America: Civil War poster sale

edit 3: round 2 emails have gone out, i assume that will wrap it up. appreciate all that participated, warms my shriveled heart.

edit 2: so, round one emails have gone out. but round 2 emails will go out later tonight after 6PM, so theres always a chance. thanks for taking the time to enter.

edit 1: so, emails are going out. sometimes people ask how it works, the lottery. basically, everyone emails their info to an email account set up for this purpose. sarah goes thru and randomly selects x amount of entries per page. like dis. we have about 375 prints to sell. we have more than 375 people expressing interest. we randomly pick people. pretty easy. after the sale is over, the inbox is completely emptied of all entries.

people worry about being disqualified. the only time we've disqualified anyone, we email them first. we don't check for multiple entries when picking people's email. we only check once they've purchased the print. then sarah goes thru and sees if that shipping address lines up with the address they entered. that's it, super easy. the people that get refunded always are contacted and asked why they entered twice, or weren't picked etc. so don't worry about being silently disqualified over a typing error, its always people that know why they were ineligible.

easy enough. and a bit of work for sarah - so go easy on her. all this attention is stressful.


looks like we're selling our copies of our poster for Civil War. go here to read more about how to enter, details and whatnot. if you have any questions, fire em off to me. good luck to all.

i'll be posting updates as they happen, so feel free to check back here if you're like 'has the first round of people been picked yet' or 'is the sale started' etc.

captains log 0112

welp, another month without a post from me, i'm slackin. i have my Captain America: Civil War posters in hand, so i assume the sale will be upcoming. sarah will figure out what works best. it'll be a lottery, free to enter as always.

also, i'm in a poster show with Marq Spusta in portland, oregon, sometime this spring? i think? just as a heads up, it'll just be a show of pieces i've done from the past few years, not movie posters, mostly music posters, some art type prints.

til then -
- fellow poster artist Dave Hunter has some medical bills going on, a good guy to support.
- some pretty interesting alien covenant trailers coming out. pretty stoked. can they recapture the magic? also looking forward to baby driver.
-probably been 7 or 8 years since i re-listened toThe Smiths. , but they're still awesome.
- a classic moment from watchmen. or rogue one. or mike mignola / rob liefeld.

lastly, deeply bummed about bernie wrightsons passing, as well as bill paxton. both giants in their fields. they will be missed.

captains log 0111

i've had a few emails about the poster i did for captain america / civil war. i'll have my copies available as soon as i have them in hand. so if you're on my mailing list, you'll get a note about them being on sale.

til then, enjoy your day.
- bit of a smile.
- bit of a journey.
- bit of a thrill.
- bit of a laugh.
- bit of a cry. this is 30 minutes from my house and man, it hit me hard. kids, i tell ya. 

captains log 0109

valentines day is almost upon us. hopefully sarah forgets. just kidding, i'll wing it, it'll be fine.

hopefully all goes good, til the next big update, heres something almost better. links to random internet things.
- the perfect valentines day video. that rihanna has put on a bit of weight, bold move.
- just kidding, this is obviously the perfect valentines day video. classic sixx.
- i saw this and it wasn't half bad. not as good as Stakeland, but still, pretty good.
- comic sans. pretty neat to hear the thought that went into it.
- monkeys. unsettling. tetris god. i believe it. akira production. geez.
- weirdly i can relate to this. i mean this, obviously. my career in a gif.
- dark knight visuals. pretty rad stuff. this bernie wrightson news on the other hand...not good stuff. if you haven't checked out Batman: The Cult, its awe inspiring stuff.

lastly, if you've got any leads on people looking to offload their collections of g.i.joes...drop me a note. i'm always on the look out for possible trades. '82-94ish figures.

captains log 0108

greetings. so, i'm sure it goes without saying, but everythings been shipped and if you haven't got it, drop us a note. i'm sure its fine. totally fine. but just double check.

unrelated, if anyone knows of any account manager / project manager type job openings, drop me an email, i'm putting the word out there for a family member, appreciate it.

til next one -
- thanks to kayley who sent me this, pretty rad way to turn some oversized shirts into pillowcases. or in my case, i just wear the shirts, my body is the pillow.
- everybody wants to kill bruce 2
- sculpt off. dance off.
- box alien. was it a real thing? or just mis-remembering / mis-interpreting what they were seeing on screen for the first time.
- civilization. what comes next?
- nightmare fuel for your ears. seriously, i will have nightmares about this. apply this to cleanse the demons.

captains log 0107

so, for those of you that asked about my film picks of 2016, for the historical record, i finally done did one and posted it here.

secondly, some of you inquired about this frame contest results, it did actually wrap up a number of weeks ago, rene picked the winners and we sent out the prints. he did a live drawing / reveal on this facebook page, i assumed people were on it and knew about it but when i started getting emails, realized that wasn't the case, apologies. thanks again to rene for running it from start to finish and donating the prints. i know he got some flak for it but it was only because of his generous heart that it happened in the first place, so thanks for that, rene. for those that didn't win, thanks for contributing to a pretty nice frame gallery that future generations can look on for potential frame inspiration.

lastly, its been a hard week, losing miguel ferrer to the coffee table grenade that is cancer. robocop, deepstar six, twin peaks. a memorable actor that will be missed. on a positive note, happy birthday to john carpenter. still the legend.